What InterAsset means as a name?
What is InterAsset?
Why InterAsset?
For whom InterAsset is useful?
Why I created InterAsset?
How InterAsset works?
How much InterAsset charges?
What CEE means?
What CIS means?
Why Germany?
Why CEE?
Who from CEE?
Why CIS?
Why CDs, Bonds and Real Estate?
How we select our Bank CDs?
How we select our Bonds?
How we select our Real Estate?
What type of real estate we list?
For whom 4% is good?
For whom 9% is good?
For whom 20% is good?
Is 20% very risky or not?

InterAsset - our office in Austria (Vienna)


Vienna CityPort 11, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 24, Vienna A-1110, Austria

InterAsset - our office in Russia (Moscow)


Business-center «Lesnaya Plaza», 4-nd Lesnoy pereulok, 4, Moscow